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My name is Sarah Cooper and I help mid-career professionals transition from traditional careers to work and a lifestyle that is more “off the beaten path”.

When I left Durham University in 1992, vast swathes of my peers went into law, accountancy and banking (I became a solicitor myself). Top companies from these professions dominated our annual career fairs. There was very little information about self-employment, the arts, or the voluntary sector for example.

These days careers advice is more enlightened. But still we often feel pressure - from peers, family, society or just ourselves - to "be realistic" and follow a mainstream path.

Do you have a nagging sense that this isn’t what you are supposed to be doing with your life?

When you're at work, does it feel like a part of you is missing?

Choosing a different way

My clients’ impetus for change is a desire to follow a passion, express their creativity or help people or society in some way – and at the same time to lead a richer, more family-friendly lifestyle. Many, but not all, are attracted to the freedom of self-employment.

If it’s not just a career change you’re looking for, but a different way of life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Follow me off the beaten path!

Four and a half years ago I left my London commute to make a life overseas in Beijing. I lived down a traditional narrow hutong (alleyway) in an old courtyard house complete with Chinese-style red door, green window frames and sloping grey tiled roof. It was a wonderful adventure!

But off the beaten path doesn’t have to mean upping sticks and moving half way across the world, although a change in environment is something many of my clients are seeking.

It doesn't matter where you are - I've since moved back to Bristol in the UK - you can carry the "off the beaten path" spirit with you.

It's about refusing to settle for a default career, thinking hard about what sort of life and work you really want, and being willing to go against the stream if necessary.

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I look forward to getting to know you!

Best wishes

Sarah CooperSarah - Coach for life off the beaten path
- Career and Lifestyle Coach